Subject-wise and category-wise intake capacity


Hons. General Subjects Category-wise seats Total
Subjects G1 G2 UR SC ST OBC(A) OBC(B)
Bengali (BNGA) History Pol. Sc 83 26 7 3 2 121
Philosophy Education
English (ENGA) History Pol. Sc 37 12 3 1 1 54
Philosophy Education
History (HISA) Philosophy Education 55 17 5 2 1 80
Bengali Pol. Sc.
Philosophy (PHIA) Bengali Pol. Sc 48 15 4 2 1 70
History Education
Education (EDCA) History Bengali 15 5 1 1 1 23
Philosophy Pol. Sc.
Geography (GEOA) Economics Education 34 11 3 1 1 50
Economics Pol. Sc.
Political Science (PLSA) History Education            
History Bengali            
Computer Science (CMSA) Mathematics Physics 10 3 1 1 1 16
Physiology (PHYA) Zoology Botany 16 5 1 1 1 24
B.Com. (H) Accounting & Finance 51 16 4 1 1 73
Total 349 110 29 13 10 511
General Courses
B.A. General 538 172 46 16 8 780
B.Sc. General 61 19 5 2 1 88
B.Com. General 79 25 7 2 1 114
Total 678 216 58 20 10 982




a) Admissions are made strictly on the basis of merit and counceling.

b) Criteria for admission to different courses will be notified on the college notice Board. All such criteria are subject to revision by C.U. and the college authorities.

c) Students applying for admission are advised to come personally with their guardians.

d) Reservation for SC/ ST candidates are in recordance with the following norms set by the special cell for the welfare of backward class, University of Calcutta.

i) There is a reserved quota of 22% and 6% (28% in total) for SCs and STs respectively in each subject (Honours), stream/ course.

ii) If adequate number of ST candidates are not available seats will be filled up by SC candidates & vice versa.

iii)The candidates included in the general merit list will not be counted towards reserved seats minimum qualifying marks for admission as per C.U. norms.

iv) A SC/ ST candidate seeking admission should have in the previous examination qualifying marks which are not lower by more than 25% from the marks obtained by the last candidate of the general category.

e) Application forms are available from the college office. Application forms duly filled in, must be accompanied by the documents listed below.

f) The students (General and Honours Courses) satisfying the criteria for direct admission must get themselves admitted at the earliest.

g) The names of students selected for admission to Honours course will be hung up on the college notice board and not communicated to students individually.

h) The college does not accept any responsibility for cancellation of admission due to suppressions or misstatement of facts by students at the time of admission. The college shall not also be held responsible for cancellation of admission for any reason whatsoever.

No candidates will be allowed admission after a lapse of more than 3 years from the year of passing the previous qualifying examination or discontinuation of the previous qualifying examination.


Geography, Zoology, Botany and Physiology departments are entitled to arrange
excursions as a part of academic curricular after obtaining the permission of the
competent authority and as per the norms laid down for the purpose.
Special Instruction for geography & Science Honours & General Students :
Students taking up Geography Honours and General shall give a written under
taking that they are prepared to participate in field excursion anywhere in West Bengal.
Attendance in field trip is compulsory as part fulfilment of B.A. / B.Sc. Honours
Syllabi of Calcutta University. Approximate charge for the field trip varies between
Rs. 2500/- and Rs. 3000/-.


Honours & General Students :

Students taking up Geography Honours shall give a written under taking that thay are prepared to participate in field excursion anywhere in West Bengal. Attendance in field trip is compulsory as part of fulfilment of B.A. / B.Sc. Honours Syllabi of Calcutta University.


Students however are allowed to change elective subject/subjects if such change is applied for within one month from the date of commencement of classes in the first year. In that case a fee of Rs. 100/- will have to be paid for change of each subject. No application will be entertained after the stipulated date. Change is not permissible.



i) No refund will be made in case of withdrawal of admission.

ii) Security deposit will be refunded after the completion of the degree course within one year from the date of publication of results. Failure to claim security deposit within the stipulated period will lead to non-refund of the said deposit.